Spend less time marketing and more time with your customers.

Solutions from business cards to mobile apps, and websites that don't require an IT team to manage.

Not everyone who has a great idea understands the complexities of how to market it.

Companies hire marketing teams because the volume of work–and importance of it–requires a staffed team.

Don't waste time and money on implementing part of a marketing solution. By doing activities like paying for a website, or setting up MailChimp, but not having a full plan behind it, you're just doing your business a disservice.

Our team will help you map out a full marketing solution that fits your needs, budget and skillset. Wherever you need us to fill-in the gaps, we can help–even if that means we do all of it.

Some of what we do

  • Web design & development
  • Managed web hosting
  • Branding, logos & identity kits
  • Social media marketing

Services Offered

Serving your customers should be your number one priority, we can handle the marketing.

To get people excited about your brand, you need to invest in marketing it wisely.

A great marketing strategy can lead to growth of your brand. Our goal is to help you get an idea of what is required–from start to finish.

As the Virtual Marketing Director, we can assist with strategy only, and let your group handle the implementation, or we can take the entire project so you can focus on other issues.

  • Priority response

    During regular business hours, we will respond within 1 hour, anything after business hours will be responded to within 8 hours.

  • 4 hours of strategy work per month

    Every month you get (up-to) 4 hours of strategy work, which can be used for content strategy and edits, social media or advertising strategy.

  • Discounts for other services

    Implementation fees are not included, just the strategy. But if you choose to have us implement, you will pay hourly instead of by project.

Search Engine Optimization is a big task that requires special training.

Get your business moved up the ranks of the search engines so that you can be seen.

If you don't invest in SEO for your website, nobody will find you among your competition. With a decade of experience in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization fields, we can help your site move up the ranks with a combination of content strategy and implementation of SEO friendly code.

  • SEO Strategy

    In order to rank highly, you need a plan. The plan includes keywords to target, content and social media strategies, and more. We lay it out so it's easy to understand and implement.

  • Implementation Assistance

    Identifying the keywords is only half of the process. Content changes can be handled by us, as well as the back-end code changes that need to happen.

  • Ongoing SEO Maintenance and Monitoring

    Once the initial campaign is setup, we will monitor your results weekly and provide you with as much or as little involvement as you would like.

Effective marketing requires many different steps and tools.

We cover all of them and make sure you are using your dollars wisely.

Each business has its own specific marketing needs, we will help you identify what yours are. We can also help you prioritize them so that they fit in your budget.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Properly evangelizing your church on social media protects you and your users. We have the tools and the experience to help lead the way.

  • Brand Development

    A cohesive brand helps new members feel comfortable with your communications, without worrying about phishing and other cybersecurity issues. We can help.

  • Marketing Strategy

    A holistic approach to marketing that tells you where you are, where you should be, and gives you options on how to get there.

A free 30-minute consultation will get you started on your way.

During this consultation, we will listen to where you are and give you some ideas for how to get to the future, from there we can talk about implementation.

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